Get your lover in the position you want with these collar and cuffs from Ouch! Made of high quality brown leather with beautiful white stitching and metal hardware, these collar and cuffs are a feast to the eyes! The ankle cuffs come with 7 holes to adjust the length and the collar features 3 press studs to fit most sizes. The chain is also connected with snap closures to extend your limits by easily combining it with a leash or other Ouch! bondage toys. The chain is made of high quality steel and has a length of 10 inches for the wrist cuffs and 21.8 inches for the ankle cuffs which will not give your lover the opportunity to move full range but still allows you to get him or her in your favorite position. So what are you waiting for? Show your lover who is in charge with this amazing collar and wrist/ankle cuff set by Ouch!
Retail: $89.99
Price: $71.99
You Save: $18.00 (20.0%)

    Specifications materials Premium Bonded Leather, Brass. Premium Bonded Leather perfect for beginners and the more advanced players. Try to combine this product with any other product by Ouch! High quality. A must have in the bedroom.